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About us

Taco Heidinga IMG_8957

Taco Heidinga is a 31 year old entrepreneur. As a son of a diplomat he has been traveling ever since he was born. As a child he lived in countries as Tunisia, Turkey and Burkina Faso. He grew up in a family of 5 with two adopted brothers from Turkey.

At the age of 12 Taco moved back to Holland with his family. There he went to a Dutch school and later on studied Communication and Small Business. When Taco was 21 years old he moved to Curacao, starting a job as an owner assistant in a retail store. After three months he got fired because the owner couldn’t keep up with the idea’s and changes he brought to the store.

Taco loved Curacao and didn’t want to go back to Holland, so he decided to stay and started a job in a restaurant.

Within two years the owners opened two new restaurants and Taco eventually bought one of them.

After running the restaurant successfully he sold it to a Dutch family.

During his time in the restaurant he started a company in Property Management. After 5 years this company became one of the biggest Property Management Companies in student housing of the Island.

Taco gained allot of experience and developed his skills over these years in the real estate market.

After almost running the company for 6 years it was time for the next step en new challenge, at RE/MAX ABC.

Over the years Taco was asked several times by the owners of REMAX to work for them.

The 4th time the owners of REMAX invited Taco and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

After 6 months running the real estate Business, it got busier and busier.

Within RE/MAX Taco got allot of credit for his new way of working and using new marketing tools.


Nadine Maas

Nadine Maas is a 30 year old entrepreneur.

Born and raised in the Netherlands in a family of 5.

At a young age Nadine felt the urge to discover the world and was always looking for a challenge.

After studying for a nurse for 2 years she knew that this was not the road to go for her.

She quit her study and at the age of 18 she left to live and work for 1 year in the United States as an au-pair. After an amazing year far away from home, Nadine got the feeling of traveling and knew for sure that Holland was not the place to be for her.

Right after her year in the States she went to Spain for 6 months to work in a hotel and learn Spanish.

Coming back from Spain she decided to work in a restaurant in the Netherlands for a year to save some money. Nadine couldn’t wait to pack her backs again and when she saved enough money she did.

This time Nadine travelled to South East Asia and travelled to 7 countries in 7 months.

Although she loved it, she realized that she couldn’t keep on traveling and decided to go back to the Netherlands and start studying again.

Nadine studied Tourism and finished her study with two internships of each 6 months in Curacao and Miami.

Both internships offered her a job and Nadine choose Curacao.

Although Nadine could start her job right away in Curacao she chose not to take the offer.

Instead she got the idea of starting her own company in helping Dutch students find an internship in Curacao. Nadine helped students with internships, housing, permits, contracts and did all the sales and marketing of the company alone. Within 2.5 years the company grew to contracting over 250 students per year and it was a real success.

She was ready for the next step and wanted to start a new adventure. Both Taco and Nadine decided that Nadine would join the RE/MAX team.

After Nadine joined Taco in his team the revenue already grew to 40%