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Looking for adventure? In Curaçao it is time to go on adventure once you have bought a property. It really gives you the time to discover the island’s nature and sights.

There are plenty of ways to go on adventure in Curaçao. The whole island is full of unexploited territory. Roads that seem impossible to drive at first sight, constitute in many cases the beginning of your next adventure in Curaçao. The Ostrich farm near Salina is such an adventure in Curaçao you can attend. Discover the ostriches who walk around freely on the farm. Another adventure in Curaçao is ‘Little Curaçao’. This uninhabitant island is an hour and a half away by boat, which is an adventure on its own. You have the possibility to spot dolphins and flying fish. When you arrive at the island, you will see sandy white beaches and a lighthouse, ready to be explored.

Exciting adventure in Curaçao

But maybe, the most exciting adventure in Curaçao is the Christoffelpark. This park has a diverse collection of flora and fauna, which is perfect for another adventure in Curaçao. Nature lovers will be very pleased to explore this region. The park has several birds and other species that are nowhere to be found on the island, except for the Christoffelpark. The Christoffelpark gives you the possibility to go by foot or by jeep, and with or without a guide. To have the best adventure in Curaçao we also recommend to climb the Christoffelmountain, which is a real adventure! It will take about an hour to get to the top of the mountain, including some easier and rougher terrain to climb. When you arrive at the top, you will proudly ask yourself: where will the next adventure in Curaçao lead me?

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