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To buy a home in Curaçao is probably one of the biggest purchases of your life. You have been looking for your dream house and there it is. When you are going to buy a home in Curaçao there are a few things you will have to pay attention to:

Make a wish list

When you are going to buy a home in Curaçao, you should make a list of criteria which the new home has to meet. Within this list, a selection can be made from the offer of houses within the region you would like to live. With such a list, we can also make a better selection of the houses to consider, so you will not be visiting houses that do not match your criteria. Things that can be on your wish list could be things like: the type of house, neighborhoods, number of rooms, ground surface etcetera.

Take a camera

A camera is a very useful tool when you are going to buy a home in Curaçao. When you take photos, you make it possible to look at the pictures again at your convenience. This provides a certain peace for when you are going to buy a home in Curaçao as you will not remember everything a week after your preview.

Take a look at everything

This seems a very obvious point, but when you buy a home in Curaçao it is important to see everything. Do also take a look at the attic, basement and the barn. These are things you do not think of initially, but are important if you want your home in Curaçao to be perfect. also see our blog about ” buying property in Curacao’

Take your time when you buy a home in Curaçao

Sometimes, the selling party wants to force a decision by saying things like: “I’ve got another viewer”. When you buy a home in Curaçao, just take your time. Another viewer does not necessarily mean another buyer. When you take your time with every step in the purchase process, it is more likely to be satisfied in the end, when you have bought your home in Curaçao.

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