One of the great things about Curacao is her broad variety in culture. We would like to get your attention for Pietermaai District. Pietermaai District’s allure draws business men, artists, students and travelers alike. Fondly referred to as the “SoHo” of Curaçao, its stunning architecture is likely to catch one’s eye. Boutique hotels, small shops, cozy little cafés and top-rated restaurants snuggled together, makes the neighborhood highly walkable and perfect

The Queen Emma bridge The Queen Emma bridge in Willemstad, Curaçao (also known as the pontoonbridge) is the bridge connecting Punda and Otrabanda across the St. Annabay. The Queen Emma bridge is a hinged bridge that opens regularly for incoming ocean vessels. The Queen Emma bridge opens due to a diesel engine operated propeller. This allows the Queen Emma bridge to swing parallel to the shore, which takes just a few

Living in Julianadorp is living in a beautiful suburb of Willemstad. This spacious neighborhood is a calm and peaceful neighborhood close to Otrabanda en Piscadera. The centre of Willemstad is approximately a 15 minute drive. History of Julianadorp At first 40 two under one roof houses were built in Julianadorp. Today these two under one roof houses are called ‘oud-Julianadorp’, as in 1948 new people started living in Julianadorp as

Buying a property on a resort or in a public street? The first thing to consider when buying a property in Curaçao is determining whether you want to live on a resort or in a public street. A resort in Curaçao does not necessarily mean an all-inclusive resort. It is more like a gated community, which means a gated neighborhood, where all the general duties are centrally regulated. Some of

Architecture on Curaçao is a very unique experience. When the Dutch started to colonize in the 17th century, they brought a lot of their own architecture to Curaçao. The Dutch built Willemstad in the same architectural style as Amsterdam. Later the style evolved due to the Caribbean influences. The combination of these styles is what makes the architecture on Curaçao unique. Local materials and building skills were to be combined

Why you should buy a holiday home in Curaçao. A holiday home in Curaçao is one of the best things ever that could happen to you. Imagine to always be able to go to the beautiful island of Curaçao during weekends, or regular holidays. Your holiday home will always be available for you. The only expenses you will have is an airplane ticket (or gasoline, if you already live on the

Looking for adventure? In Curaçao it is time to go on adventure once you have bought a property. It really gives you the time to discover the island’s nature and sights. There are plenty of ways to go on adventure in Curaçao. The whole island is full of unexploited territory. Roads that seem impossible to drive at first sight, constitute in many cases the beginning of your next adventure in


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Banda Abou

Banda Abou is one of the most amazing regions in Curacao. If you have ever been to Curacao, chances are that you have visited Banda Abou. Many of the beautiful natural beaches are situated on this Western part of the island. The beaches provide plenty of opportunities to experience the magnificent underwater world. You can go on a tour with one of the many tour operators who will show you

Willemstad Curacao is the capital of the (island) country Curacao. The city district includes several neighborhoods that are called Punda and Otranbanda. Punda is the part where the government is located and where you find a clear center area that has mainly shops and restaurants. On the other side of the St. Anna Bay is the district called Otrabanda, which literally means “other side”. Otrabanda is a popular district for


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Curacao Beaches

If you ever have visited our beautiful island, then you will probably have gone to many Curacao beaches. Curacao has so many beautiful beaches; you can fill your holiday with visiting a new beach every day. To give you an idea on which Curacao beaches are very popular, we would like to share a top list with the beaches you need to visit. Remember that Curacao has more to offer