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The Professional In The Real Estate Business

Real estate is a very broad investment that requires several professionals to offer quality services to all buyers and sellers in the sector. The real estate business in Curacao has experienced a significant growth due to improved services of real estate properties. Curacao Brokers is among the leading professional services that have seen the growth and transformation of real estate in Curacao.

Governments are responsible for the property professionals through licensing and provision of conduct regulations. Many buyers and sellers cannot differentiate the different tittles given to real estate professionals. The following are the title highlights for these professionals.

Real estate Broker– This is a professional who has received education beyond that of the agent and has passed the broker’s license examination and obtained a practicing license. They can either work alone or hire agents who help the deliver their roles effectively.

Real Estate Agent– This is a professional with just a real estate license and can be sales professional, an associate broker, or a broker. The person granted the agent’s license should have passed the exams to gain the required license.

Realtors – This is a real estate agent who has become a member of National Association of Realtors and must uphold the standards and code of ethics of the Association.

Real Estate salesperson– A professional in the real estate who deals exclusively with sale of properties and finding buyers

Real estate associate brokers– This is part of a real estate broker profession. This person has earned a broker’s license but chooses to work under the management of a another broker

What Are The Services Of A Curacao Broker

Curacao Broker acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers in any real estate property. Their work is to find the best buyers and sellers in real estate and guide the client through the documentation process. The following are the leading services for the real estate broker in Curacao.

The real estate brokers are intermediaries between buyers and sellers of properties and lending institutions to facilitate purchase

  • Showcasing the properties on sale to prospective buyers
  • Finding buyers and sellers of properties meeting every client’s interests and preferences
  • Acts as a liaison between a buyer and a seller  and helps the buyer secure financing for property purchase
  • Provide real time updates on the real estate business and market to both the property owner and buyers
  • Training of new brokers and supervision of their roles
  • Responding to property queries any time of the day