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Why you should buy a holiday home in Curaçao. A holiday home in Curaçao is one of the best things ever that could happen to you. Imagine to always be able to go to the beautiful island of Curaçao during weekends, or regular holidays. Your holiday home will always be available for you. The only expenses you will have is an airplane ticket (or gasoline, if you already live on the island). When you choose to have your holiday home in Curaçao, you will be guaranteed to have high temperatures (85F) all year-round. Have you ever celebrated New Year’s Eve on a white sandy beach holding a cocktail? Probably not. Having a holiday home in Curaçao gives you this wonderful opportunity.

Financial Advantages of having a holiday home in Curaçao

Despite all the wonderful beaches and climate, having a holiday home in Curaçao also provides a financial advantage. Investing in a holiday home gives you the possibility to invest your money for your retirement as the property tax in Curaçao is a maximum of 0,6%. It gives you the possibility to build equity, instead of paying money to the landlord, if you rented it. In addition to the possibility to build equity, if you have a holiday home in Curaçao and its value rises, you do not have to pay tax due to the overvalue. Another advantage is whenever you are not in Curaçao, you will have the possibility to have people rent your holiday home. This will provide a steady extra income.

Curaçao has one of the most developed and stable economies of all the countries in the Caribbean sea, as it belongs to the kingdom of the Netherlands. Being connected to The Netherlands provides a stable economy, which is favorable for buying a holiday home in Curaçao.

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    05 10 2015

    Do you have any other condos. Need to know the monthly fees and any yearly fees. Any taxes? Also any rental income? Any condos that will allow pets? Thank-you Leigh

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