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Living at Coral Estate Curaçao is like living in paradise. When you choose to live at Coral Estate Curaçao, you will choose for calmness, space and safety. The elongated resort with a coastline of approximately 3 kilometers brings joy to your life and you will soon discover how great it is to be living at Coral Estate Curaçao. Safety is a very important factor. The only access road is under 24 hours of surveillance and the security makes sure you will feel safe. Living at Coral Estate Curacao gets even more enjoyable because of the Coral Estate Centre. You don’t even have to leave the resort to go shopping. The Coral Estate Centre does also include a bar, which is great for enjoying the beautiful view you have.

Neighborhood of Coral Estate Curaçao

Coral Estate Curaçao lies in the vicinity of the most beaches of Curaçao. The most beautiful beaches of Curaçao are just a few kilometers away. A small selection of the beautiful beaches are: Port Marie, Cas Abou, Daaibooi, Grote Knip and Kleine Knip. From your home at Coral Estate Curaçao, you will be on a fantastic beach in no-time.

Living at Coral Estate Curaçao also includes living near a fantastic nature reserve. Around Coral Estate Curaçao, you will find approximately 4 hectare of protected nature area, which also includes a lake with flamingo’s. Furthermore, The Christoffelpark, which has a very wide variety of flora and fauna, is only a 30 minute drive! An even shorter drive is the airport of Hato. Once you have touched down, Coral Estate Curaçao is only a 20 minute drive away!

In conclusion, living at Coral Estate Curaçao is like living in paradise, please take a look at our website and see what we have to offer!

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