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Jongbloed Curacao

Living in Jongbloed

Jongbloed is a safe and quiet middle class neighborhood. This neighborhood is centrally located with schools, amenities and main roads nearby. Jongbloed has multiple access roads to the area. Within a few minutes you drive towards the airport, supermarkets, beaches and center of Willemstad.

Jongbloed is an area known for the different houses and apartments that are available. Looking for an apartment, condo or house, then in Jongbloed there are many possibilities.

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    Mark Braz

    04 03 2017

    Hi there
    I am looking for a house to rent on a long term rental agreement. 2 or three bed room with central A/C . Surrounded by a fence and dog friendly. Partially furnished or no furniture. Jongbloed area. I just moved here to Curacao from the US and will be opening a restaurant in brivengart.
    Best Regards

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