Remember Interview with an architect in Curacao part 1 with architect Geert Verschuren from IHC architects? Below is part 2  (question 8 – 14) and this is also a very interesting interview with great tips and information. So if you are planning on building your own house, keep on reading…. It`s something personal and for most of us a big event to build your own house. For some it`s their


Aug 2015

Banda Abou

Banda Abou is one of the most amazing regions in Curacao. If you have ever been to Curacao, chances are that you have visited Banda Abou. Many of the beautiful natural beaches are situated on this Western part of the island. The beaches provide plenty of opportunities to experience the magnificent underwater world. You can go on a tour with one of the many tour operators who will show you

Willemstad Curacao is the capital of the (island) country Curacao. The city district includes several neighborhoods that are called Punda and Otranbanda. Punda is the part where the government is located and where you find a clear center area that has mainly shops and restaurants. On the other side of the St. Anna Bay is the district called Otrabanda, which literally means “other side”. Otrabanda is a popular district for


Aug 2015

Curacao Beaches

If you ever have visited our beautiful island, then you will probably have gone to many Curacao beaches. Curacao has so many beautiful beaches; you can fill your holiday with visiting a new beach every day. To give you an idea on which Curacao beaches are very popular, we would like to share a top list with the beaches you need to visit. Remember that Curacao has more to offer


Jun 2015

Curacao Climate

One of the reasons people move to another country is for the weather. Most people are happier living in a country where the temperature is warm en the sun is shining. Let give you some more information about the Curacao Climate For most destinations around the world it makes a huge difference which season of the year it is. If you are planning to move to Curacao, however, you would

Royal Palm Resort is situated on a top location on the beautiful island of Curacao. Close to beaches and the ocean, and within walking distance of Willemstad town center. The resort is only 8 minutes from the airport, has breathtaking view and beautiful landscaped gardens. The beautiful communal swimming pool has sun decks with sun beds. Several years ago prestigious hotel developers were looking for the very best location on

Yes, the weekends are great in Curacao. But sometimes also a little frustrating, because there are so many things to do and sometimes you just can’t choose. We have selected 5 things you could do in Curacao, not only in the weekends, but you get the point. And on a personal note, these are the 5 things I really love to do. There are about a hundred things you can

As you probably already know Curacao is a small island. Unfortunately we don’t have the huge malls filled with furniture like Home Depot or Ikea. Because Curacao is a small island a big disadvantage is that everything needs to be imported to the island which makes the furniture more expensive than for example if you would purchase your furniture in The States or Europe. There a just a few good

The ultimate guide for the Curacao Real Estate. Since 2009 I’ve been working in the Real Estate as a Property Manager and Real Estate Broker. These days we even own property on Curacao. For people who are interested in the Real Estate in Curacao, we have made the ‘Ultimate Guide for the Curacao Real Estate’. This very valuable E-book gives your insight information about many subjects in the Curacao Real Estate market. It

It`s something personal and for most of us a big event to build your own house. For some it`s their first house on well-known soil, for others it`s a second home for vacation on unknown territory, but what should we know from the architect in Curacao about designing and building your new home on Curacao? Curacao Real Estate interviewed a well known architectural firm in Curacao; IHC architects. The most