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In the experience of managing a real estate portfolio over 10 million dollars, we have made a professional and  efficiënt model for our clients. If your  property needs the right management, please let us make the perfect offer that suits every property owner. Based on the wishes of the owner, we will look at the important values of each object.

Curacao Real Estate prides itself in service excellence. Working in a great team of highly trained, experienced and motivated property professionals capable of making strategic recommendations on the spot. Curacao Real Estate implements a hands on approach, looking into  each property’s unique requirement.

Our property management team can assist you with:

  • Letting of vacant space
  • Lease administration
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Building management
  • Maintaining the quality of services
  • Legal services
  • Financial management

Based on the wishes, reports, targets and property our team will make you the best offer.

Asset Management

Financial (asset) management is mainly about timely actions. Sending the rent invoices, quarterly, monthly or annually is a important strategy. The collection of rent and advance payment of service-fee’s through  proper follow ups. Paying for the service, based on a proper allocation of costs. But also track actual costs and identifying overruns. This is all done by us at the right time you request:

  • Monthly overview income and costs.
  • Timely mortgage, taxes and service payment transfer.
  • Deposits, extra services and overview monthly utility bill.
  • Profit transfer to your account.
  • Forecasts and Budgets.
  • Financial advice.

Commercial management

Finding the right tenant is very important for your property. For long term and short term we offer different options for property owners. Our goal is to create a ‘happy tenant’ and a ‘happy owner’ at the same time. Looking at our experience in Real Estate we offer the following packages:

  • Website development (building a website for your property)
  • Rental/lease contracts
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Short term management (holiday services)
  • Contacting professional Brokers and Mediators
  • Referral plan and Social media


Service 1 per month 2 x per month 4 x per month
Property Surveillance 75,- 125,- + 250,-
Mail Management 49,- 74,- +124,-
Cleaning 99,- 198 +295,-
Gardening 130,- 240,- +390,-
Preventative  maintenance 175,- 345,- +520,-
Contacting tenants 50,- 74,- +98,-
Key storage 15,- 15,- 15,-
Pool Service On request On request On request
Pest control On request On request On request

*Alle prices are in dollars.

*All prices are based on independent services, if you wish multiple services we advise you a Full Service Package.
Depending on the services you need in a Full Service Package, we will make you a customized quotation.

*Contact us for more information and a consult on what’s best for you and your property!