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About Curacao.

Curacao is the largest city in the southern Caribbean Sea, which is sited on the north of the Venezuela coast. With respect to geology, the city is considered to be located in South America. The city has a population of 152, 760 residents and spans a total area of 444 km2. Based on the 2012 analysis, the economy of the city has been wonderful as it has the total GDP of $3.1 billion of the US currency in that year.

Economy of Curacao

The most important segments of Curacao’s economy are international trade and financial services, oil refining and bunkering, shipping services and particularly tourism. In spite of its booming economy, the government of the city is making more efforts in order to attract more foreign investors so as to take its economy to the next level. The major aspect of investment it focus on is the technology firms.


Based on the 2001 survey, many of the inhabitants of the city (about 85%) are Roman Catholic by religion. The remaining percentage of denomination is dominated by the Methodist Church and Seventh – Day Adventist Church. However, some Pentecostal churches are rising up in the city. Not every resident of the city are Christians; some engage in Montamentu practice, Hindus, Muslims and some other diaspora African Religions.


Tourism is not the major source of revenue for the city, but it plays an important role in the increment of the city’s economy. Nevertheless, thousands of tourists are attracted by this city on a yearly basis. For instance, in 2013, the Hato International Airport welcome about 1.7 million passengers. Recently, the airport publicized its capital investments to be $48,000,000 and purposed to transform the airport to a regional center by 2018.

Why You Need to Buy Real Estate in Curacao?

From the above statistics on the city’s economy, it depicts the city to be a place with high standard of living. It has a stable parliamentary democratic system of government that favors the economy of the city, thereby making the city an ideal place for businesses and establishments.

Finding a direct international flight from places like US, the Caribbean, the Netherlands and South America is not difficult. The Willemstad’s International Airport make it easy to land yourself in this city from various part of the world. It is a place you can easily access if you want to buy real estate.

Curacao is an attractive place for investors. The reason being that the city has modern facilities that aids the improvement of its economy. The economic growth of this city is dynamic and it’s a favorable factor for any investments. The stable economic status of the city leads to higher return for investors.

In addition, its tax rates are low, making the place conducive and comfortable for foreigners in the city. The price of real estates in the city is not damning – a favorable condition for estate buyers.

There are great and awesome collections of real estates in Curacao and you can easily find the ones that suit your taste at affordable prices. Available properties that you can purchase range from villas, to large estates, with cool swimming pools embedded in them. There are several of these luxury villas, inland retreat and condos that buyers can select. The prices of these estates are functions of their sizes and additional features in the estates. Curacao is an ideal place for investors to maximize profit. The city is not only attracted to visitors because of their favorable economic conditions, but by its attractive tourist centers too. The city can be used either for vocational purposes or business purposes.

Many visitors that come into the city usually wish not to leave the city because of the great lifestyle as well as interesting activities, history, attractive centers and excellent weather the city offers. If you have also joined the bandwagon of people that want to enjoy the benefit of Curacao city and perhaps you are in need of real estates, we are here to help you. We can help you find the best estate that suit your needs and that would not involve you borrowing money or going into debt before you can purchase it. There are varieties of real estates that are available for your choice. Contact us now!