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Curacao has become a famous ‘resort area’ where many people spend their holiday. In fact, many people are relocating to the city because of the engaging activities and convenience that they enjoy there. The landscape and their booming economy is not the only factors that attracts flocks of visitors in this city, but its attractive centers and its beneficial herbs also contribute a quota to these visitations.

For instance, Aloe Vera products which are made from Aloe Vera gels are produced in one of the plantations in Curacao called Aloe Vera Plantage. People can visit this plantation in order to see how the cultivation of Aloe Vera and its processing into gel is being done before it is sent to the companies that will transform it to consumer products. These Aloe Vera plants have a very good curing properties and it is widely used for healing purposes.

There are lots of things that attract people in this city. Many of these visitors would find it more pleasing if they could have an accommodation they can easily resort to whenever they come for holiday or business purpose. Because of the value and equity that are offered to these people, they want to relocate or perhaps rent an estate to as to derive more benefit of staying in the city.

Many visitors or tourist love to tour different places. For those that are less social, they derive satisfaction partaking in some festivals in the city, or engage themselves in activities such as act & craft, night clubbing, joining an association of their interest or they go on shopping. These activities might take more than two days or more for them to complete, hence, the need for shelter. These things will be more enjoyable to them if only they can have their own real estate. This is a great opportunity for real estate owners to make money selling their estates.


Selling real estates in Curacao can be easy, but it is a long process that requires diligence and hard work, especially when the deal is based on personal agreement. The possibility of selling real estates in Curacao city depends on how you market the estates. If the marketing is properly done, you have a chance of selling your real estate easily.

Before you can sell real estates in Curacao, you must have registered the house with the Land Registry. Also, if there’s any shortcomings in the house, you must disclose them at the Land Registry. Most importantly, you must be the valid owner in order for you to sell the real estates.

The next thing to do is to decide your selling price. This must be carefully done so that it is not too high that it will repel buyers neither will it be too low that it will lead to your own loss. You can contact a professional to help you in choosing a reasonable price. You should take into consideration any shortcomings of the estate when choosing your price. If need be, upgrade and repair any necessary things so that the estate will look more attractive. You can consider changing the paint, fixing the broken glass, and replacing the carpets.

The next step to take is to market your estates. Marketing is a very important factor in any business, including selling real estates and there are many methods of marketing your estates. You can make some attractive flyers and place them in some strategic places in the town. These are places you know people frequent, especially by the visitors, they are your potential buyers. In addition, you can feature your advert in places like swimming pools, vocational centers, etc.

This is the most demanding part of selling real estates, but you can ease yourself of this burden by giving it to professional real estate agents. They will help you market your real estates and ensure that it is sold at a convenient price.

They are the one who will go through the rigor of marketing the estate and finding a buyer for it. When interested customers are coming, then you can initiate negotiations and arrive at a price that is beneficial to both parties. Once this process is completed, the two parties – the buyer and the seller – will sign certified real estate agreements. Other documents required by the law for the transfer of the property is done as well.

In conclusion, selling your real estate in Curacao can be easy if only you can give it to professional real estate agents. They are experts in this business, and you tend to ease yourself of the stress involved. That is why we are here for you. Contact us now!