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Are you looking for a broker in Curaçao?

Curaçao Real Estate is a broker in Curaçao that is dedicated to provide client-level services when representing buyers exclusively. We, as experienced brokers in Curaçao, strive to give you the best possible service that the island has to offer. That means that we assist you with the planning, locating property, negotiating price and terms, financing, inspections and more. As your broker in Curaçao we work for you as the buyer and we have the best interest in mind through the entire real estate transaction. Whether you are a first time home buyer, an old pro looking for real estate or you’re out to just buy a home the best way possible, you owe it to yourself to see how brokers in Curaçao, represented by Curaçao Real Estate can be your best answer in not just wading through the complexities of real estate transactions but in educating you in the market area with which you may be totally unfamiliar.

The benefit of hiring Curaçao Real Estate 

As a consumer, you exponentially increase your chances at finding the right real estate that fits your needs and invest the lowest possible price when you use a broker in Curaçao. How often do you buy real estate in your life? Once, twice, three times in your lifetime? It is important that you have a broker in Curaçao at your side with absolute loyalty, since the seller will also be represented. This way, you will have complete and full representation during the real estate transaction and increase your chances drastically to obtain the goals you have set for yourself.

In Curaçao the buyer is normally helped by the listing agent of a property or by any other agent who works for the listing company. These brokers in Curaçao represent the seller, so can they really provide the best representation for you, the buyer? In this situation you will not receive help with negotiating the best price and terms and you will not be able to get advice or opinions on how to structure your offer. We as professional real estate brokers in Curaçao represent ONLY the buyer and are responsible for protecting our buyers best interests.

How is a broker in Curaçao compensated?

Since we as your broker in Curaçao work for you as the buyer, the commission is being paid by you. Because you want to make sure you got the best deal you could get for the property we will be paid by the result we got for you. We charge 25% of the difference between the asking price and the final price you paid for the house. So the better the deal for our buyer, the better our commission will be.

For example:

A house is published for an asking price of $400.000,-. As your broker in Curaçao we investigate the property and look for the best possible deal. Once you decided as a buyer to put in an offer, we will do all the negotiation for you. Let’s say we got the property for $380.000,-. That means we got $20.000 dollars of the asking price. Our commission of 25% will be charged on the $20.000 dollar difference, so $5000,- dollars. With our knowledge and experience you will be guaranteed the best offer you will ever get with a broker in Curaçao. This is with a minimum of Nafl. 5000,- guilders.

Contact us for more information and the possibilities.